How to Hire a Lawyer


The process of hiring a lawyer can be daunting. Skills, experience, outcomes, and fees can all vary wildly. Everybody wants to hire the best attorney for the job, but where do you start?


Where access to information is limited, people often make bad choices, particularly where they lack the time and energy to become better informed. For example, when choosing a family doctor, people often chose the closest doctor to their house who is also in their plan's network. People have chosen their lawyer for even flimsier reasons than that.


But what if access to information were not limited? What if you didn't have to spend your time chasing after hard-to-find information because someone else did the legwork for you? What's more, what if it were free?


In the following paragraphs, we'll walk you through what you need to know to hire a lawyer, provide you with questions you'll need to ask a lawyer before you hire him or her, and show you how you can lop hours off the process and make a better decision than you would have had you spent the hours tracking down information.


This IS NOT intended to be legal advice or in any way replace the advice and judgment of a licensed lawyer. Every case and situation is unique and only a licensed lawyer can offer legal advice which is appropriate for your situation